Friday, 5 February 2010

Faith Fills My Cup

After Wednesday night's JAM (Jesus & me) meeting, I got talking with Deb, the pastor's wife, who mentioned she was entering a competition called "The 'F' Word". Her initial reaction had been 'no way' till a little voice said 'Yes, Way!' We talked about me entering, and then she showed me some fabric sample booklets she'd been given. Then she went out to her car and got a book of 'sheers'. My little brain started bubbling with ideas.

As I now do, I'd been thinking and praying for inspiration. I certainly didn't want to use THAT 'F' word! Creative ideas have started bubbling up in my head again, as the drugs work their magic. I'm sewing a purple dress as the moment, which, because of the high humidity and RL getting in the way, has ground to a halt - also known as procrastinating coz it involves sewing 4 long straight seams down the centre front, then doing about a gazillion button-holes.

Driving home from work last night, doing about 100k down the motorway, I suddenly started getting what I can only describe as a 'data dump'. "Hang on, God, I can't do anything with that RIGHT NOW!" Once I got to the end of the motorway, where the traffic goes from FAST to STOP on the bridge over the upper harbour at Greenhithe, I got out pen and journal and started writing and drawing. In the stop-start nose-to-tail traffic, with about 15 minutes of quality time, and Radio Rhema blasting out, the image below (with additional colour pencil when I got home) is the result.

As you do, I've also written construction notes, and inspirational ideas on it. Inspiration sources include Matthew 26, and Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane, that day's Adventures in Odessey (yeah, I'm hooked to a kids Christian soapy :) and the daily meditation for that day, also from Matthew 26, and the Thought for the Day: When my cup hasn't been taken away, God's strengthening Spirit will with me stay. Ideas regarding construction include shibori dyeing, sky-dye sunset fabric, the use of Angelina fibre and sheer fabrics for the blood/water/wine and beam of light, fussy cut plants and maybe the rock, a whole or half plastic lizard (gotta have the lizard!).

The competition closes on 13 February, so I may not get it finished in time, but I think the main point is that I get it started.

Last night was a meeting of interested parents and children to discuss what was going to happen with the Sunday School this year. All the parents and children previously involved have left the church, and it was felt that it was time for a change of direction. Becca was invited to become a Junior Youth Leader. Although we've only been involved for about 8 weeks now, she's shown her leadership skills and intelligence. Of course, the chocolate fountain and cheese fondue were good reasons to come as well!

As usual with something like this, there are only a small number of people that actually turned up, and an even smaller number (5) that will meet again next Monday to refine what was discussed. Yep, I'm one of them. I'm gonna be a Sunday School teacher! Only about once a month, but it's pretty neat, and I'm excited about being involved.

One of the hardest things to get out of the large group was what the 'Vision' is, what are we trying to teach the kids. I think that's something the smaller group will be discussing again, lol.

Becca is keen and excited too, and looking forward to getting her first Bible. We discussed the idea of the Junior leaders reading a story to the 5 & 6 year olds, so a more complicated version can be read to the older kids, and she was coming up with some great ideas to involve the littlies. David has agreed to be a Standby Teacher/Leader if someone else is unavailable. So many new things happening in our lives!