Thursday, 7 October 2010


4 MDF crosses made for a fund-raising art exhibition. The orange one is my least favourite, the blue one with the leaf shapes the most favourite. All sold.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Driftwood Cross

How about this - beautiful! Debbi and I made this in about an hour for the Inspire Art Exhibition. Pieces of driftwood glued to timber, sprinkled with yellow sand from Golden Bay, and found bits and pieces of jewellery, beads, shells and pretties.

Of course, it would be nice if I could manage to take a photo that's in focus, lol.

We bought 3 paintings at the exhibition. When we receive them, I'll put them up.

Tooth Extraction is NOT fun!

It's been a long week - last Sunday I had a rear bottom molar removed. I'd had a late lunch of Crumpets and Boysenberry jam on Saturday, and bit down on a seed. The rear half of the tooth sheared off, and was left flapping. Every time it closed back up against the tooth, it touched the nerve - argh.

It took the dentist 45 minutes to remove two roots, and left the back of my mouth looking like mincemeat. Unfortunately the pain didn't diminish, and I managed to get an appointment with another dentist yesterday morning. I had tried to phone the original, emergency dental clinic, on Sunday, but they were closed!

Smile dental removed a fish-hook shaped piece of root - both ends had been poking into the soft tissue, aggravated by jaw movements. Two lots of antibiotics, pro-biotics, painkillers. Blasted tooth has cost nearly $400.

It still hurts like nobody's business, but hopefully, this time it's healing. The pain has been so bad, even a sleeping tablet hasn't been able to keep me asleep at night. I slept thru till 1100 this morning, which helped.

Becca and I picked up my girlfriend's daughter (Emily), and we went and played a round of black-light mini-golf - lots of fun, had lunch at the Mall Foodcourt, then returned Emily. Home to bed for me, and another 2 hours sleep.

For the first time in 8 days, I was able to eat without experiencing excruiciating pain - hooray!