Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tooth Extraction is NOT fun!

It's been a long week - last Sunday I had a rear bottom molar removed. I'd had a late lunch of Crumpets and Boysenberry jam on Saturday, and bit down on a seed. The rear half of the tooth sheared off, and was left flapping. Every time it closed back up against the tooth, it touched the nerve - argh.

It took the dentist 45 minutes to remove two roots, and left the back of my mouth looking like mincemeat. Unfortunately the pain didn't diminish, and I managed to get an appointment with another dentist yesterday morning. I had tried to phone the original, emergency dental clinic, on Sunday, but they were closed!

Smile dental removed a fish-hook shaped piece of root - both ends had been poking into the soft tissue, aggravated by jaw movements. Two lots of antibiotics, pro-biotics, painkillers. Blasted tooth has cost nearly $400.

It still hurts like nobody's business, but hopefully, this time it's healing. The pain has been so bad, even a sleeping tablet hasn't been able to keep me asleep at night. I slept thru till 1100 this morning, which helped.

Becca and I picked up my girlfriend's daughter (Emily), and we went and played a round of black-light mini-golf - lots of fun, had lunch at the Mall Foodcourt, then returned Emily. Home to bed for me, and another 2 hours sleep.

For the first time in 8 days, I was able to eat without experiencing excruiciating pain - hooray!

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