Friday, 26 September 2008

Variegated Thread & Rust-Dyed Project

I've been searching for some variegated thread for my rust-dyeing projects. Our biggest retail store for handicrafts, fabric etc (Spotlight), has about 5 racks of thread, but very little variegated. The Quilt shops are even worse, as they just don’t have the room, and their prices are truly horrific.
So I decided to make my own. I'm really pleased with the rust-dyed white cotton, which is from the collection left by my Grandmother (thanks Vera!). I left it soaking in the pan overnight, in a 50/50 water/vinegar & sprinkle of salt bath, then rinsed it out tonight, dried it, and put it on a spool – unfortunately the dogs dognapped the big spool I’d set aside for it! I also made some black/brown, using bleach on black cotton thread. I just wiped bleach onto the cotton on the spool, left it for about 30 minutes, and rinsed it off in vinegar, water and soap. I didn’t think it had changed much, but the changes were more obvious under natural light than artificial.
I’ve still got more of Gran’s white cotton thread, so I might try actual colour dyeing to see what I can get.

Since there was room in the frying pan, I did some flower patterned beigey cotton fabric too, which has a nice pattern.

I've finally started sewing my first project, just waiting on some Bubble Jet Set, which is in transit from the US to NZ. The ink is coming off on my sewing gloves, but not transferring to the fabric. It will be interesting to see what happens reversing Beth Wheelers’ recommended process. (ie treat the fabric, then print on it!!!) I'm hoping that some of the ink will wash out, but leave some behind to enhance the stitching.

Next rust dyeing project is a T-Shirt. It’s GREY, with a Pegasus on it, and the colour does nothing for me. I want to get some sand, so I can nestle the fabric-wrapped pan in the sand, ensuring maximum contact.

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