Sunday, 6 September 2009

Spring is sprung, and I'm starting to do STUFF

A weekend of busyness.

Saturday: Clipped Kama – black dog has LONG legs! Lots and lots of hair.

David managed to keep the lawnmower going long enough to get the lawns done, and I weed-whacked round the back of the house. Moved the container of freesias round further so we can actually SEE them now – yellows, whites, dark and bright reds, purples. Now the garden looks lovely and tidy. Love power tools!

Quick trip out to look for paving stones, as the dogs have been excavating at the gates again. Found a place selling seconds for only $2 each (17”/43cm square). We got 12, + 2 circles, and a couple of bags of sand. Popped in to the mall, made an appointment for a haircut, grabbed cappuccino to go, and groceries from the Supermarket.

Back for Spinward Salvage IRC RPG. Called it quits 3 hours later, after a great game. Love playing real-time games – you get to talk to real people!

Chicken nibbles, roast veges, cauli and carrots for dinner! Watched Cate Blanchett in “The Gift”, then Pierce Brosnan in “Dante’s Peak”. Late late night. Oooh – and made home-made pina coladas – light rum, coconut cream and fruit juice. LOL – still packed a punch. David got home from work near midnight, and watched the end of the movie with me, and helped me finish off the rum thingy.

Sunday: Sleep in – not used to getting to bed at 0100! Went up to the Waitakere’s to check the Stoat Traps – all empty – no rats, hedgie’s or stoats. Awesome ride down the hill to the dam, then a long, slow walk back up the hill – the dogs were totally pooped!

Sent David off to the Wargames Club Bring & Buy session, and then to work. Collapsed for a while, then decided it was time to fix the darn fold-out-bed couch, as I was sinking further and further down into it. Went to Mitre 10 Mega and got a staple gun and spare staples, a length of architrave timber, panel pins, and sweet pea seeds (oh, how’d they get in there, lol!).

So, the couch is now fixed. Firmly attached the flap of fabric to the timber, then the timber to the couch with panel pins. Put some plywood on top of the bed frame, then sponge rubber on top of that. Higher and firmer. So there!

Sweet pea seeds are planted in another big container out the back – 60cm Bijou Semi Dwarf, Jewels of Colour in the centre, and 22cm Pixie Princess Red & Whites around the edge. 12-14 weeks to flowering.

Mr Piggy is for dinner – but it weighs 3kg! I’ve had to cut it in half, to have any chance of getting it cooked in time (and it went on about 1530!)

NCIS, Criminal Intent, The Children, and a doco on the Titanic. Thank goodness for the VCR!

Oh, and how many RPG’s am I playing?
40k/Hollow Worlds: Space Wolves [space wolf - Hriedmarr Tiefson], Shadows of Ballustrade [male Rogue Trader – Joaquin Balageur], and And With Strange Aeons [female scum – Pania Keredu]. All Play by Email.

Classic Traveller: Reaver’s Deep [male engineer – Patrick Kissilov]. PBEM

Mongoose Traveller: Spinward Salvage [female Salvage Expert – Claire Balfour] IRC – real-time chat.

And I'm trying to join another one! She's mad I tell you, mad!

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