Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Catching up

Time has flown, as it so often does.

Depression has been biting hard the last two months, I've had two severe migraine's, on on the second one, kept working, instead of taking a couple of days off, because I had to train a colleague. To top it all off, I could no longer talk to someone I regard very highly, and the emotional overload took its toll.

Found out that if I quadruple the dose of happy pills (doctor's guidelines), I get dizzyness and nausea for 2 weeks! ugh. Plus a week of anti-anxiety/sleeping tablets, that took effect within 40 minutes of taking them, and knocked me out for the night. 7 hours sleep! Wow - that's a near record, I think.

Haven't had the energy or enthusiasm to do any creative fibre art, paint toy space wolves, play music, or much of anything.

What I have done tho is to start the process of converting to Christianity. Oh my gosh - Sue is becoming a 'born anew christian'. Found a church to join - the first one (Ranui Baptist) was a little too crowded, and too weird - the second one, Harvest Church, in Swanson, was "just right" as Goldilocks would say. (The third possible choice, West City Christian Centre is just TOOOOO large! A congregation in the 100's, if not over 1000!) Harvest is only about 100 people, half of those are kids! Been going, with David and Becca, for the last few weeks. Becca has been enjoying Sunday school, and appeared in the "Angel Dance" last Sunday.

Funniest comment from her: "It's a lot more fun being a Christian than a Druid!"

The path to this point has been interesting, with someone (!) bashing me over the head with a large book, smacking me back into line. I guess it started with me talking to two friends, on opposite sides of the Pacific, who were suffering a bit of a crisis in their respective faiths, and listening and responding with an open heart (and mind!). Meeting a woman who loved my dogs, that turned out to be the Pastor's wife, having one of my friends say - try that one, they sound good and solid (Harvest!), going to the local Christian bookshop to buy a bible-study guide, being pointed to Ranui, then making the decision to try Harvest. Going back to the bookshop, to meet the guy that turns out to be the assistant Pastor, who of course knows my name, because I'd ordered a book, and the other sales assistant had mentioned me ... and all sorts of other little "coincidences".

Sometime after Christmas, I'll be baptised - believe - repent - baptise - be saved. Oooh, weird and exciting.

Been reading lots of bible study booklets, and doing some stuff on line, reading the bible, listening to Christian music.

Still on an emotional roller-coaster, but not going as far down each time.

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