Monday, 25 January 2010

Photo's on Fotki

I've started creating some albums on Fotki, so I can share them with anybody that's interested. This one is for the trip we took to Sydney last year, for the KCI Christmas party, held on a floating glass gin palace.

Here's the link:

link to fotki

If you're patient, or have high speed broadband, run the slideshow. Of course, once I'd renamed them, I realised that it would load them in alphabetical order, so you lose the sequence - darn!

It started out at 245 photos, cut down to 170 (after removal of dead possums - more on them later), and dud shots, and drunken colleagues revelling in the 35deg+ temps.

1 comment:

Marisol said...

You have some great pictures Sue. I love Fotki for posting so friends can see them and/or order copies if they like.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pix.