Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Well, at least feeling tired and buggy and horrid. Of course, blowing my nose for the first time in a couple of hours helped too. I've been out in the warehouse at work for the last 3 hours shifting boxes off pallets and either onto the steel, or back onto pallets. It's too warm to wear a vest, but not quite warm enough not to. There's lots of dust, one of the guys stands in the roller door space and smokes, and my sinuses are dribbling.

I stayed home on Monday with this latest headcold (#3 since the flu I think), went home early and slept 2 hours yesterday, but I've worked a full day today. It's pathetic, but I actually drove the couple of hundred metres up to the coffee shop to get the mocca and a brioche.

The edict to handle every box, combined with the headcold, and a strained sacro-iliac joint means I'm not feeling an entirely happy pixie at the moment.

So ... happy things?

Um - the sky is blue, it's warm, the birds are singing (and randy). It's not that far to home time. It's JAM tonight - if I can stay awake. David is attending a Stress Management seminar. Becca is at Findlay Camp at Lake Karapiro (is this a happy thing????!!!) The mocca's really good!

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