Monday, 23 July 2012

Piano Hinge MiniBook - woven skewer version

It's the binding that makes it a 'piano-hinge'. A number of notches are cut along the edge of each signature. Alternate notches are then pushed forward, and skewers are threaded through the tabs, locking each signature into the next. The skewers are  bound with black linen thread, and decorated with gold open-weave yarn and beads.

The covers of each signature are scrapbook card, pink with dark-pink glitter circles. The signatures are coloured copy paper. I used 'postal' pattern scissors to cut out the image, and press-on words.

Page painted with interference colours, colour copy image transfer of vintage New Zealand stamp, and stamped tree.

Quote, washi paper 'Paris', stamps curlies.

'Postage' cut image, rub on flower, stamping and paua.

rub on quote.

Zentangle - just learning to do this - fun!

I gave this to my friend Lindsay, who'd had a long and stressful day. I hope she likes it.

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Jo said...

Love this piano hinge book idea. I keep meaning to try making one but it is still on my 'to do when a moment, the materials, and the idea re-occuring' all co-incide!