Friday, 5 October 2012

Swap One, Abandon 6

Why release only 1 ATC into the world, when you can release 6!

Tissue prints, stamps, inks, layers and layers and layers, washi tape, and text. The challenge was Swap One, Abandon 1, but it was so much fun to make a whole batch of them. When I work out how to up/download images from my phone, I'll put up the pix of the 'hides'. And when I get home, I'll put up a pic of the one that was swapped.

This is the 'official' abandoned card  - put in the Asian Foods section of the supermarket:

And this is the 'swap' one that was sent overseas:

"That is an astonishingly beautiful card!" Thank you!

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Coleen said...

Greetings from Ukraine, Sue. Hope you are having a lovely day (or had). I like your ATCs. I do some now and then too, but haven't for a while. And I like your abandoned art card. I did some of this in May when we were in Spain and then no more. Just recently I picked up my rocks and started drawing/painting on them again so we shall see. Thanks for following on my blog. I so appreciate it.
Blessings on your day,