Monday, 12 November 2012

The Daily Paleo - Day 7

Well, the Theology exam this morning was a complete crash and burn. I walked in with a building headache, stomach and uterine cramps, and generally feeling like death warmed up. Question 1 was, as expected, on what constitutes good theology, and the Wesleyan Pentalateral - but I couldn't remember all 5 till the very end! Question 2 - I did divine revelation, but had problems thinking of an alternative to the consensus. Questions 3 and 4 were God as creator and humanity as understood in the Christian faith. Brain dead. Nada. Nothing.

So, I'm thinking I'm looking at going from an A average to ... blech. Hopefully I'll pass. I'm over this paper.


Treated myself to a 'cheer up Sue' lunch at Noodle Canteen - fresh prawns, chicken, pork, and a mixture of healthy veges - still have half of it left for lunch tomorrow - nom nom nom.

Stopped in at the supermarket on the way home, and as per recommendations, skirted the edges. Got a heap of fresh veges, fresh, raw, unsalted cashews, chicken mince and frozen prawns. Took a quick dip down the centre and picked up some coconut milk. And a couple of boxes of FruJu's - juice, no dairy - yum! That won the approval of #1 daughter.

Cooked up a HUGE stirfry of veges, with the addition of a packet sauce (yes, it had wheat and soy stuff in it, but I diluted it with water, so hopefully it won't  count too badly. Steak for 3 - well, I could have possibly eaten the whole thing by myself, but I managed to share it!

Blood sugars look like they're evening out - tonight had the lowest after dinner reading of 7.9! That's happy dance numbers!

I found a conversion calculation for md/dl (milligrams per decalitre - US) to mmol/l (millimols per litre-NZ), and went thru my last blood test results and the info Robb has in his book. I didn't quite giggle hysterically. The major one is the HbA1c, which measures the overall amount of glucose you've had sitting in your bloodstream for the last 120 days - my last result was 75 - the ideal is between 20-40, and Robb wants to see it at 27. There's a shed load of work to get it that low! But everything else is actually pretty good.

Tomorrow I have a massage after work, so I'll take my shorts, and go for a 30 minute walk - not 45 minutes like last time - nearly injured myself. Didn't manage a bike ride tonight. It was a chill-out, damn I have no active brain cells sort of night.

I'm not going to test my blood sugars again for a week - probably from next Monday, and see how they're looking for another 5 days - weekends are too complicated!

Oh, and I feel bloody marvelous, btw!

Happy eating!

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