Monday, 30 September 2013

The Next Step

What next step? In getting healthier. Suddenly, in the last couple of weeks, I seem to have misplaced some weight. I haven't lost it - oh no, coz that would imply that I wanted to find it again. Maybe I've put it in a safe place? So safe, that like the rotor arm of Dad's Pugeot car, that he put in a safe place back in the early 70's, was so safe IT. WAS. NEVER!! FOUND AGAIN. EVER!

From 74kg to 70 kg's. Um - why? Darned if I know. How? Ditto - not really doing anything different, except being really really strong won't-ed when it comes to sugar.

Blood sugars have been pretty steady:
Mornings: around 8.5 (with a low of 7.0, high of 9.4)
Evenings: around 5 (low of 3.5, high of 5.6)
After Dinner: around 8.5 (low of 6.5, high of 9.6)

I have pushed my meds up to the limit: Gliclazide 80mg x 4 day
Metformin 500mg x 8 day. The downside of this is the explosive diahhrea the Metformin causes - that's got so much worse.

I decided it was time to have a wee detox. So for the month of October, I'm going meds-free. I'll continue taking my blood sugar 3 x daily - tonight's last test was 10.5 - argh - the result of a single date, I think.

I'm looking into something called Plexus Slim - that's supposed to have blood glucose levelling properties, but it's $102 NZ for 30 days! Garg! One of my fb friends sells it (from Missouri, I think), but there may be a retailer here in NZ - emailed them tonight to find out prices.

Right now, I have a screaming headache (an all dayer, in fact - withdrawal symptoms?????)

Fun Stuff:

I'm making myself a 'craft apron' - I've got an encaustic workshop coming up with Trish Seggebruch, and would like to have something tidy to wear, that I can dribble on, lol.

This is fabric I dyed a couple of years ago(???), that I was going to use to make a harp bag - but haven't. The picture in the top left is the pattern I'm using.

Painting: Serena Barton's Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop arrived last week - and on Friday (having done some retail therapy and got Adirondak inks) I decided to start work on the first exercise:

Acrylic landscape. David took one look at it and said - 'You've been looking out your window, haven't you?' - um, not consciously, no, but it sure looks a lot like the view of the Waitakere's out my studio window. (which looks like this - thru the dirty window I washed at 10.15 on Saturday night!) Or maybe I took this one from the street?

But ... acrylic paint takes a while to dry when you've used an extender, so I started the next exercise ...

A tree line - at end end of a field - Adirondak alcohol inks - cool! but that was taking a while to dry ... so, exercise 3!!!! 

Seascape! More coolness. None of them are finished. I'm thinking of putting some driftwood on the beach, and those trees need more definition, and the Waitakeres need some house shapes ...

But right now, I'm going to take my headache to bed, as daylight saving started yesterday, with a spring forward (well, more like a lurch, but ...) and my brain says it's 10.30 and bedtime!


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Susan said...

I love Serena's book! Her style really resonates with me. Have fun with it! xo