Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Becca's Adjectives Story

This story was written by my 9 1/2 year old daughter, for a homework assignment. The ending is brilliant, but totally gutting!

Sam solidly stood at the muddy waters edge eagerly looking out over the calm water. He was about to swiftly run in when he saw a huge figure suddenly rise out of the now roiling water. He couldn’t quite make the figure out because thick mist was coming in from the forest-covered hills.

The figure was covered in dripping lake water. The figure was now slowly looking around. Then he saw it surprisingly go onto all fours, and happily spread out a pair of spine-tipped wings.

He had to have a closer look at this strange creature. He stealthily snuck closer through the thick mist. He eventually got to a place where he could see it, but it couldn’t see him.

He peered over the broad-leafed bush he was cleverly hiding behind and let out a gasp. “Oh my gosh, what is that?” he silently whispered to himself. The creature just across the murky stream from him was amazing! It had glistening grass-green scales, sharp-looking bony horns on top of its head, wicked-looking sharp claws, and two leathery dark green wings. It looked like… no, it couldn’t be, or could it be… a dragon?

And then - this was even more impossible to believe-the supposed dragon actually talked! It said: “ Great, where in the world am I? One minute I’m…” the rest was grumpily mumbled, so Sam couldn’t hear it.

Sam carefully took a step back, ready to quickly run out of there, when he clumsily stepped on a thin twig, which frustratingly snapped. “Uh oh…” Sam said, as the dragon looked around and saw him.

Sam took off from the dirty leaf litter, the dragon closely following behind him. Sam didn’t look back, waiting every second for the fiery breath that was surely going to hit his back sometime. Surprisingly not feeling it, he quickly ran behind a gnarled tree to catch his breath.

After he had, he cautiously looked around the gnarled tree to see if the terrifying dragon was still following him. He heard a growling voice behind him: “hey kid, could I just talk to you for a second?” Sam turned around quickly, replying eagerly, “Ok, what is it you want to… know?” There, behind him, was the dragon!

Sam screamed ear-piercingly and quickly ran away. While he was running, he looked behind him to see if the dragon was following him. Surprisingly, he saw it standing behind the gnarled tree, looking sadly at him. He skidded to a bone-jarring halt. The dragon was slowly turning around and dejectedly staggering away. Sam thought to himself; would he just let the dragon, probably the last one on earth, walk away like that? Of course he would. He should call the council. It was none of his business.

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