Saturday, 8 November 2008

Suddenly it's mid-November. Barack Obama is President Elect of the USofA. The New Zealand elections are nearly over - looking like a National party victory already, and the polls only closed an hour ago.
Don't seem to have done much sewing recently, let alone anything I could call art. I've finished my "heritage cushion", and rust-dyed it. Nearly finished my "tablecloth" for the Newson's christmas swap next weekend.
Kama is cowering on the couch as the last of the Guy Fawkes fireworks go off. Last weekend we went to see a fireworks and laser light show at Waitakere Stadium - very cool.
Joined a Play By Email Mongoose Traveller roleplaying game. My character is a Field Researcher named Shira Akenike - anytime now we're going to find out what the adventure is.

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