Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Female figure on rust dyed fabric.

Details of sphagnum moss and female form.

Materials: Rust-dyed cotton, commercial orange/black velvet and net fabric, fussy cut fern fronds and sphagnum moss, free motion stitching. The blue/grey pieces are tannin dyed gauze.

Image: A female figure, holding her arms above her head. Her torso is coming out of ferns and moss. The blue/grey gauze represents the pall of depression falling away, emerging into the light of day, new growth and inspiration.

This is unfinished. I intend to use bugle beads to make a face, and perhaps some hand stitching.


Jan said...

Sue the photo you posted on AQL seems much more defined. This piece is coming along well. You certainly do detailed fussy cutting! Love your rust dyeing.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Just looked at the photos on AQL and had to come look at the "icky bits." Yes, you were right to remove them. Way too heavy an effect here, great airiness in the revised version. This poor woman doesn't look like she'll ever emerge through all this, the other like there's no way to hold her back.

Sheila in Idaho