Thursday, 8 January 2009

Jumping in the deep end

with Goldilocks – TAG Teams 1 & 2.

TAG-2 isn’t so scary – I’ve had Susan Stein’s “Fabric Art Workbook” for a while, and although I’ve looked thru it, hadn’t actually got around to trying anything in it. I’ve been having problems locating most of the supplies, and haven’t heard back from most of the on-line companies I emailed queries to. I’ve received the Dye-Na-flow, Lumiere and Neopaque from Tillia, which is a start. Waiting, waiting, waiting. But I’ve got till early February, hooray!

TAG Team 1 is definitely more scary. When I saw the schedule for the book “Color & Composition” by Katie Masopust, which starts on 15 January – a Thursday for goodness sake! my heart leapt into my throat. I’m still waiting for the book, which was ordered from on 25 December. This one might actually involve hard work, where the other one looks like just plain fun!

This is what the first 8 weeks looks like: Contour Drawing, Contour Cutting & Stitching; Line & Shape; Value and Colour, Monochromatic & Achromatic Colour Schemes; Analogous Colour Scheme, Warm or Cool Colour Scheme.

I’m taking Friday off, having spent the week catching up at work. I’m hoping to spend the weekend working on my 2009 Intentions Challenge Quilt for AlternativeQuiltList, but the HP Inkjet isn’t working well – it hasn’t been used in a while, and won’t clean the print heads properly – I think the cartridges have dried out. So I couldn’t print out my forest stream tonight – having spent last night preparing some PFD silk. Might have to go and buy NEW cartridges, rather than recycled ones!

At some stage I also need to think about the two postcards for Feb/March, and possibly a third one for a kid with brain cancer in the States. Here's the link. I'm thinking classic Kiwi summer - bush, beach, birds (of the feathered variety).

I’ve ordered the book “Taming Your Gremlins” by Rick Carson from Fishpond – the depression demons are gnawing away at me, and I’ve decided I have to DO something, not just feel miserable, or burst into tears when someone (DH) makes me feel stupid. Starting reading Vein of Gold, but the morning pages are SUCH a bummer - I want to be creating, not writing!

Teri Springer recommends Twila Tharp's book "The Creative Habit"and Alyson Stanfield's "I'd Rather Be in the Studio" as being much more helpful. Have to do a search for them.

Tomorrow is hopefully a trip to Karekare first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot. Just me, Becca and the dogs, and back for lunch.

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