Tuesday, 15 June 2010

And in other breaking news ...

I'm getting baptised! Rock on, Fourth of July. I am so very very excited - it feels like it's the end of the beginning of the journey.

Becca is off to Singapore on 3 July - 10 days. She's ok with missing the baptism, and looking forward to the trip.

I've finished the 12 Week Ways of Knowing course at Laidlaw College - a combination of Philosophy and Theology.
Essay 1 - 2000 words:B
Reflections - 200 words: 2 x B; 2 x B+; 1 x A-; 1 x A
Essay 2 - just posted to the College website, 2 weeks before I know the grade.

Signed up for the next paper - Worldviews and Ways of Life - Block course mid-August.

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BonBon said...

You're doing great Sue! Keep up the good work.

WOW...Singapore? That would be great to go there. Is she going with a group or what?

Keep us informed.