Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Guerrilla Art - Rock Drops

The challenge is to share random works of art. At the moment, having been busy on other things (pictures to come), I'm doing rocks. Some have hearts, some don't. This one was a 'happy Tuesday' present to my amazingly awesome massage therapist - she snuggled it with her salt-rock lamp and a plaque.

This one is on the shelves in the Warehouse of the business premises where my company leases space. The two ladies who usually get stuff off these shelves seem to have a problem with smiling, so maybe this will do the trick.

Tomorrow, if she remembers, my daughter will hide some around her school - pictures, hopefully, to follow.


Susan said...

You're awesome Sue!

Susan said...

By the way...New Zealand, California, Norway...we are taking over the world one happy rock at a time!

Jennifer Richardson said...

coffee with God....a big glad yes
to that:)
i love your smooth stone sweetness;
what an awesome gift
to give and find!
glad to meet beautiful you:)