Sunday, 11 March 2012

Happy Purim

Did I take part? No. Thursday night (Purim proper) I went to baby Jam/Puree/Youth group with Becca. The Youth version of “The Story” is so much more fun and interesting than the Adult version. Randy Stazee is too much of a glove puppet, and the book feels like a Reader’s Digest edition.

Friday night (the second night of Purim) we went out to a ‘thank you’ dinner by a church friend David had helped move house. It was actually a lot more fun than we expected, with good food, good fellowship and a good atmosphere.
Of course, I couldn’t not help – no, sorry Gloria, I can’t not serve, or stay out of the kitchen – a girl has to have somewhere to hide! Same at Church today; although I was on audio/visual, I also helped clean up the kitchen – couldn’t leave Louise alone in there with ALL the dishes. The 80/20 rule strikes again.

This past Saturday morning I attended a ‘Morning Coffee with God Retreat’ (at least, that’s what I think it was called). The theme was about filling, or letting ourselves be filled, by God. The analogy used was that of a candle in a cup, where one is the cup, and you let the candle – representing God/Jesus, fill you up. We were each given a little ‘reflective’ brochure of prayers, scripture, quotes and poetry. This was the first Christian retreat I’d ever been to, and I was very unsure of what to expect. Ok. I was bored. It got to the point where both my left and right brain agreed that if we sat still any longer reflecting, we’d turn into a mushroom. (Not helped by the decor – absolutely beautiful ‘show-home’ in various shades of ... mushroom. No sign of any pets, everything perfectly in its place) I was also sore – I am so sick and tired of the nerve pinch in my left hip. And frustrated – scripture out of context, from, maybe, the NLT.


ARTWISE – what have I done?

Started Art Journalling – 1 and a bit pages. (Pictures may follow, when I've taken some)

Started and finished an Altered Book as a birthday present for my girlfriend Debbi.

Done another couple of mini-books. Here's the link to my photo album - hopefully it will work. There are also pictures of my altered book.

No acrylic painting. Maybe next weekend? I need to watch the video lesson thru again.

Avoiding the Painting Friends website. I need to go back and 'resign'. Just too many posts to read, it was feeling very overwhelming.


College started back up last week. First lecture of Introduction to the New Testament. The lecturer (Mark Keown – who I’ve heard previously on Rhema) is a hoot, and passionate about the NT. I've emailed him with a list of errors in his manuscript - hope it's not a case of 'open mouth, insert feet'.

NO EXAM!!!! Hooray! Just lots of assignments – including 2 or is it 3 ‘Reflections’ – I think they’re going to turn into art pieces. Oh, and after dinner at Gloria’s on Friday, I feel the need to do a piece for her – something about her burden of being God's tool, hammer, something ... metallic, textured, mixed media ....

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