Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Busy, Arty Weekend

Altered book: 
gesso, acrylic paints, image transfers, stencils, paper flowers and gold fibre.

ATC's: Happy and Kiwi Summer

ATC: Vintage Flowers
Freesia and pansy blossoms

Taking Friday afternoon 5 July off was a good idea. Spent quality time tidying my studio, and finding all sorts of treasures. I've got some new shelves, and moved some other stuff out into the spare room. Also tidied all my "how-to's" that I've printed out over the year(s) into one folder, so they should be easier to find (yeah, right!)

Had a huge sleep in, then spent quality time on Saturday finishing off some ATC's to send to a friend, Jo Buck, and finished off an Altered Book for a swap - sent it off to Pennsylvania on Monday. Brunch was grilled bacon and shrimps!

I also set up a 'recording booth' so I could record videos that I can't download - works really well, so far. My laptop goes into the white desk on the right, while my camera sits on the tripod in the centre. The black table on the left, and the board at the back are to cut down the amount of light hitting the screen. Not flashy, but it seems to work.

Sunday wasn't nearly as productive (well, except for the sleep-in again!), and another wonderful brunch. Spent most of the day reading! And a wee bit of studying Greek.

I did put a few more layers of paint on 'Red: Pushing Thru' - I'd put moulding paste thru a 'forest' stencil, and painted over the red curtain and wolf. I like how it's looking now, tho I might tutu with it a wee bit more.

Red: Pushing Thru
Acrylic inks and paint

I've done some serious research on gelatine printing. I'd wanted one of those Gelli Arts plates, but the cost to get one from Dick Blick or Australia is ridiculous. While I've put an order thru a local NZ company, I understand the owner is very ill, and since she didn't reply the last time I tried to buy anything, she's unlikely to  this time as well. $50 for a 10x12 plate, which is less than getting one from overseas :(

I've decided I'm going to make a gelatine or agar plasticised plate instead. David's picking up some glycerin for me on Friday, and I've got agar and gelatine.  Pictures and recipes to follow!

It should look something like this:

This could be messy fun!

Oh, and coz I can:

Becca, Kama and Tara

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