Sunday, 14 July 2013

Adventures in Gelli Plate Printing, Part 2 - da Jelly is in da house!

Gelli/Glycerin plate #1 has gone in the bin. Yes, I know I could have recycled it, but quite frankly, it’s level of disgustingness had not reduced. It had left a gritty, slimy puddle on the glass, and slid into the rubbish bag with a disgusting plop.

But as for Gelliplate #2 – ah, now that is delicious. It has a lovely ‘hand’ – cool and dry, not gritty or slimy or disgusting. Oh, remember those red prints from yesterday – they STILL feel wet! Ew EW ew.

Now, because I used a smaller container – a ‘brownie’ pan, I had to change the quantities in the standard recipe below, to those in brackets. The pan is 10½ x 7”, and probably holds a total of 5 cups of liquid. The plate turned out about 1” thick.

Of course, working out how much water the pan would hold included spilling water all over the bench, and then gelatine all over the floor transferring it from bench to pantry. (As explained earlier, anything left on the bench is fair game to cats and dogs – their opinion, not ours! Kama has decided that gelatine tastes ok)

Standard Gelli Plate:
Gelatine            12 TB (90G)
Water (cold)      3 cups (2 cups)
Water (boiling)  3 cups (2 cups)

This plate is a thing of nommy beauty. I made it last night while watching Fiddler on the Roof (I really don’t remember if I’ve seen the movie before, but I really enjoyed it – Becca only managed the first half!) So, hubble, bubble, toil and trouble – and stir it all around.

Sunday morning was church – so the gelli plate only received longing looks prior to departure ... and although the building was bitterly cold (SDA’s don’t believe in heating!!!) worship was good - wrapped up in an old crocheted blanket my English nana had made .... oooh 53 years ago!!! - (with a new song about Daniel in the Lion’s Den), and then a lesson from Aaron on Spiritual Warfare – coo, she said!

Home again, home again, tiddly pom, to banana pikelets for lunch ...


Again, as yesterday, problems with getting the paint to stick. I decided to try the same paints, to keep the results of the experiment similar.

But then once the plate warmed up/cooled down ... whatever it did ... voila!

The main difference today was using a stencil cut from 2mm clear plastic, rather than the texture plates of yesterday. (and mind you, this had been a real b*&^h to cut) ... But look at the goodness that resulted:

I’m really really happy with these prints.

Da jellybaby is in da fridge – with a canvas board protecting it!


Projects for the week ahead:

Purchased fun foam sheets and shapes (Spotlight) rollers, speed brushes and carpet tape (Mitre 10 Mega), baby wipes (the woman in the supermarket was a bit surprised when I said I was using them for my art, lol) during the week.

Projects this coming week are to make some more texture plates using the fun foam, some continuous rollers, and maybe cut out some stencils. There's also a image transfer method using clear packing tape I want to try ... maybe next weekend.

I’m going to take Tuesday off work to have a ‘girl’s day out’ with some girlfriends and Becca (since it’s school holidays), so maybe I can get some stuff done then.

Darn - I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow! I've got far too much art to do.

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