Monday, 4 August 2008

Quilt Projects

Saturday 26 July & Saturday 2 August - Mermaid Quilt Class at Jillianz Quilt Shop, New Lynn

This is a fusible applique quilt run by a lady named Ku. Class 1 was tracing the pattern, cutting out the pieces, and if time allowed, fusing them to the fabric. I spent Saturday afternoon cutting out the remaining pieces and and fusing them. I bought a teflon-coated glass-fibre ironing sheet, which is really great for the construction work.

Class 2 was very disappointing - I was expecting to learn some new techniques. However only 2 of the other 6 women had actually put the pieces onto the backing fabric, so Ku spent most of the class explaining in words of less than 1 syllable how to construct the mermaid. There are two more classes to go, so hopefully I'll learn something yet.

My sewing machine had fallen over in the back of the car, and the bobbin-winder had broken off, so once I ran out of thread, I was ready to go home. The only technique demonstrated was free motion quilting with a darning foot, which I already know how to do.

David has fixed the bobbin winder for the moment.

One of the worrying things about this quilt is that it's a direct copy from a picture of stained glass mermaid from a book, so I suspect it's breaking copyright.

Challenge Pack from Newsons
This finally seems to be progressing. It's still not wonderful, but having seen Wendy's cool knitting basket, I feel a little more inspired. This is what the pack contained:

And this is what I've done so far:

Next step is the "back" side, which will have a tree, maybe a barn, washing line ....

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