Sunday, 20 July 2008

Another Weekend Gone


Wendy, Tanner, Ayla, Becca and I went to Crafts Out West at the Waitakere Stadium, with profits to West Auckland Hospice. We got there early, thank goodness, and had a chance to have a look around most of the stalls before the mob arrived. The children got to open 2 of the baskets containing white doves. The doves flew up into the air, and went around in circles for about 5 minutes before they took off.

Just for a change, it was a craft fair with lots of craft stalls, instead of mostly food and junk. I bought Becca a pattern and fabric for a wee dragon, a pattern for a quilt carry/sewing/holdall bag. Becca bought herself a green creature called Greg - I'm not sure if it's a dog or a cat!

I took the kids home for a play-time, while Wendy cleaned her fish tank, and I cleaned mine. Then I took all the kids up to Wendy's and abandoned Becca. Spent 1 1/2 hours at Quilters Dream, Westgate, spent $86 and got 10 fat 1/8ths for the Mermaid Quilt class I'm doing next weekend.


Started on the challenge pack - it's going to be a tote bag, with the house, a pond, flying geese patchwork and .....

Took the dogs for a walk - in between the torrential rainshowers, in the sunshine with blue sky. 2 loads of washing.

Baked some scones.

Went to the Harp Gathering at Robyn Sutherlands' place - 6 learner harpists, Robyn, and her friend who's been playing for 8 years. Damn that house is freezing cold - lovely to look at, 1940's brick and tile sprawling bungalow, but no insulation.

We managed to play a number of songs together, and sounded quite professional. Lots of fun, and would be good to do it again.

David came and took Becca home around 3.30, and I was home by 5.00. Put dinner on, helped Becca finish her "Interview with Rincewind", did some more work on the baggie, had dinner, folded washing, watched tele, now blogging. Almost time for bed.

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