Thursday, 17 July 2008

Walkies & Manuals

11.00pm at night, and time to take the doggies for a walk. It's an almost full moon, with a ring around her, and one star beside her. There's very high, hazy cloud tonight, and it's kept the warmth in - it's only about 17degC outside. The ground was squishing underfoot, the catchment pond is full up, and there's a waterfall in the drain that fills the pond. David and I walked Tara & Kama along the stream boardwalk - it's much colder down there, and the boards are very slippery.
Digital camera's don't take a very good picture of distant objects, but it's still pretty!

The dog's enjoyed the walk, but as usual did a disappearing act, off to find their favourite supplies of cat shit. When Tara did come back, she gave a hearty burp of satisfaction. Disgusting dog!

Well, I've finally given in, and am reading the User Manual that came with my nice, flash car. It came up with TRC/VSC on the display again, when I planted boot coming up a slope into a round-about. According to the book this is the Traction Control system -oooohhh! - and is meant to stop the front wheels spinning on a slippery road surface. And VSC is vehicle stability Control. In other words, don't hoon thru round-abouts when the road is wet and slippery - which takes all the fun out of driving a red car - coz they're meant to go fast.
It's midnight and time for bed - no more time to read any more blogs tonite - I'm systematically going thru Deirdre's Sloppy Studio, checking all the links - some are cool, others don't do anything for me.

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