Thursday, 10 July 2008

I've got my craftroom back!

For the last 7 months my son has been in my craftroom, while the German homestay has been in the spare bedroom. Except for a two week period when Julien was away, and I had a splurge, my crafting has been very sparodic, and not terribly satisfying. This is what it looks like without the bed, and before tidying.

I've got tomorrow morning off to look after Becca, so I'm going to clean, tidy, spray n wipe, burn incense, rearrange furniture, and dismantle and rebuild my altars - after all, they still think it's Christmas and summer still! - and generally get rid of the smell. (oh, and be at work by 1300).

And now I do believe there is a God/Goddess. All the way along the 50km I had a guy in a Ford trying to drive up my tailpipe, and once we got to the motorway, he drove around me on the on-ramp, and took off, probably reaching around 130k by the top of the ridge. There was I thinking ... and where's a cop when you want one? And on the other side of the ridge - there he was - a cop with a speed camera! Mr Ford braked too late, the cop took off after him and stopped him. HOOORAY. I believe, I believe!

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