Tuesday, 8 July 2008


For the past year, we've had a German homestay student staying with us. Julien Tenardi became a huge part of our lives, and over the 12 months he was here, we watched him change from a quiet, shy boy, suffering culture shock and jet lag, to a confident, outgoing young man, with an excellent grasp of colloquial English (and that's saying something!). I made this Scrapbook from a kitset that contained most of the paper and embellishments, adding some extra touches.

Clockwise: Julien, caving at Waipu;the Billi-ottle family with Julien and Cornelia; Waitakere valley from the Waitakere Dam, Sue, Becca & David, with Kama and Tara, standing in front of a Kauri; Paintball and Auckland's Skytower.

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Sue Cottle said...

I do like the little landscape!