Tuesday, 8 July 2008


My Design Wall. About 4 "works in progress". A sunflower, 3 crazy quilt blocks that will become a cover for the headboard of our bed, a spiral that will be incorporated in something one day and was a lot of fun to make; my first mini-landscape, that's still being added to as inspiration bites, and miscellaneous bits that will become part of something else.

This is my second mini-landscape - thanks Valerie Hearder and "Points of view". I've used this as the front piece of a folder cover. I had lots of fun fussy-cutting the plants and rocks for this, and like the way it's coming out of the frame.

And quilt blocks from Newsons classes.

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Jan said...

Hi Sue, I have read your posts on AQL and thought I'd take a look at your new blog. You do some interesting work and I will check in periodically to see what you are up to. Nice to meet you. Wondering about the lizard photo.
Jan in Oregon, USA