Friday, 27 May 2011

It's only, nearly, the end of May ...

Well, I just can't procrastinate any longer. Well, I probably could, but I've just been inspired by an article on Guerilla Art. This link will take you there:

Now I feel inspired to go home, make some art, and leave it around the place. All I need is time! Sigh. Oh well, miracles happen!

So, why have I been procrastinating? Life, the Universe, and everything. I seem to have been sick most of this year, with flu, migraines, headaches, tooth problems etc. Misery and I have been close friends. I've had two wisdom teeth out (36 and 37, your time is up). Both ended up with 'Dry Socket' 'Alveolar osteitis' - the jawbone and nerves at the bottom of the tooth socket are left exposed when there is either no blood clot formed, or it falls out. Being a diabetic, I'm prone to this. The result is unbelieveable, excruciating pain.

Tramadol briefly became my friend, but after a couple of days started giving me the jitters and broken sleep, so I unfriended it. Maxigesic (Neurophen + Panadol) returns to #1 as my preferred form of pain relief.

I'm back at Laidlaw this year, doing Biblical Theology - essay number 2 is due in about 3 weeks - 2000 words on temple/tabernacle. At yesterday's tutorial, I asked the Lecturer, Rod Thompson, to speak on it - he told me how he'd like to see it laid out, and some key points to cover; Solomon's Temple (the high point of the story), look back from Creation till 586bce, then forward to the new Creation in Revelation, and on to the church today. I can do that!!

When I get all the paperwork together - it seems every time I think I'm organised, I realise I've forgotten something - I will be applying to do a Diploma in Biblical Studies, leading on to a Bachelor of Theology, majoring in Biblical Studies. Why Biblical studies - coz I love all those history papers! The ministry papers left me not only cold, but with a feeling of nausea.

I have a couple of projects spread out in my craft room, and hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to play. The other inspiring thing I've seen lately was called One Brush Painting with Donna Dewberry - very cool, so I'm determined to spend at least a little time painting. Then while things are drying, I'll do ... other stuff.

Other stuff this weekend:
* Go to parents house and supervise husband and father rebuilding stone wall.
* Rack 6 demijohns of fermented grape juice off the lees and rebottle.
* Shopping - for groceries, at Countdown, to see if it is cheaper than Pak n Slave.
* Church on Sunday
* Painting/art work
* Essay writing
* Study for exam on 27 June - ewww a written exam!
* Find out from #1 husband how I hide the link, so it becomes a word

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Bonni said...

You've got a plan so that is half the battle. You'll do good on your exams and seem to have balance out the good with the bad or semi bad chores to do. :)

Hang in there.