Saturday, 28 May 2011


Lots of dreams this morning - I got so much done! Wrote something deep and meaningful about Solomon's temple; racked the wine; did some painting ... unfortunately, then I woke up. I did at least get a bit of a sleep-in, despite an aching jaw.

Spent the morning at the parent's place, messing with Dad's computer, and supervising Dad and David recreating a stone wall. Went shopping at Countdown - I don't think it's actually any cheaper than Pak n Slave - just a heck of a lot more choice - talk about being led into the path of temptation.

Took this a few days ago, when the whole planking thing was at it's height - not terribly clear, but Smudgy is lying along the back of the couch, and has sort of wedged his legs so he doesn't slide off.

This is 6 separate 5 x 4" canvases. It started off in reds (not my favourite colour), got some blues, purples and a bit of yellow on it, then sprayed with water and blue dye dribbled on it - I love the effect of the dye dribbles. Now it's got a 'swirly' stencil over it, and the gaps have been painted with 2 coats of crackle medium. I intend to dry brush the crackled areas.
After that, it's going to get some scripture stuck on it, then words over the top of that. I'm hoping the stencil pattern will link the canvases together, even when they're separated. It will eventually hang on the wall in the form of a cross.

I'm not sure where (if anywhere) this canvas is going. It started as brayered layers of red, gold and brown, but was too red for my tastes, so I put a bit of white on it. Ugh. Then sprayed it with water, and dribbled blue dye - interesting effect, but I think it looks a bit 'muddy' now. Maybe put some clear texture on it? Or opaque? We'll see.

Or, just put a layer of paint over the whole thing? Or attack it with sandpaper?

I was hoping to get some heavy card (taken from curtain/furniture fabric display books) undercoated for guerilla art, but that may be tomorrow, after church and lunch with friends.

Oooh, look - it's 2300 - not quite the witching hour, but getting too late to do much else.

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Bonni said...

Good to see you posting again. I'm more of a traditionalist so really loved when the swirly pattern was put on top. LOL. I recently got a book on Illuminated Alphabet and it reminded me of some of the scrolled work in that.

Keep up the good work. Even if only when asleep, it helps to sort out stuff for when we are awake.