Sunday, 29 May 2011

Story of the Bible - A minus!

Thank you so much, blessed Yahweh! Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord! See below for the comments on my Biblical Studies essay
A- : 8 : Superior - Outstanding Critical Thought, Presentation and Structure, Good coverage.

Sue- excellent work! I can tell you feel comfortable in the Biblical story and you make connections within it with great ease. (See my comments below for more detail on particular strong points.) Excellent bibliography as well. I especially enjoyed your Hebrew words dappled throughout. I can also certainly tell that you enjoyed understanding the historical connections within the Biblical story and the Ancient Near East leading up to the time of Jesus. This clarity was very helpful. A few items would have made this paper even stronger: 1) You mention Adam and Eve and the beginning of Creation. But you don’t mention anything about their vocation. What were they placed in the Garden to do ? (Steward the earth and be fruitful and multiply) 2) You allude to the Exodus, but you don’t mention the concept until a bit later----with reference to John the Baptist and Jesus. I’m glad you included this--- I think it’s important enough to put in the body of your paper. 3) You don’t mention the Law given to the Israelites by God on Mount Sinai or the presence of the Tabernacle as God’s dwelling place until the temple is built. 4) Lastly you could have included reference to the New Heavens/New Earth. What is the final act in the biblical story all about? What will happen to creation and our place in it? Overall, however, beautiful job on your essay!

I'm totally blown away by this - considering how sick I've been recently, and fitting this in around work ...

All those things she mentions were stuff I had to take out because of the wordcount -phooey. Never mind - I'm totally stoked.


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