Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I think my body is trying to tell me something ...

Sunday night - no sleep, throat like razorblades, up and down like a yo-yo. Long day at work on Monday. Short nap, but no blankie or pillow, too cold. Last lecture Monday night, barely able to stay awake. sleep like log with help of antihistamine. Sinuses now draining out nose instead of down throat. Less worser. Tuesday: Fall back to sleep holding alarm clock. Drive to work, off with the fairies. Park car in carpark. Remove ignition key. Fall asleep for 15 min holding ignition key. Work for a few hours. Nana nap in car 1 hour (have blankie and pillow this time). Get neck and shoulder massage from David - oooohhhh so nice.

Sleep like log at night with antihistamine and maxigesic. Wednesday: fall back to sleep holding alarm clock again. Drive to work, off with the fairies. Park, fall asleep for 40 minutes this time! Give up and decide I need to go home. Go home at 1200 - sleep 2.5 hours. Woken by daughter at about 1515 - she's got a ride home from school, and forgotten she has maths!

Took Becca to maths, went to the Warehouse and got some candles (we're still in the dark - can't make the lounge/bedroom lights work). Went back, got a big KFC Mango/berry Krusher, then sat in the car with the dogs and studied for 40 minutes.

Very tired, almost ready for bed again, and it's only 2015.

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