Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My first attempt at painting with wax. This was the backing board from an upholstry fabric sampler, and you can see the chequered pattern and brand name in the centre of the image. I placed a paper towel with images of flax plants over the board, then used recycled paraffin candle wax, just sort of blobbing it on, then fusing it. The wax is very brittle, and the paper is already lifting.

As an experiment, and considering I hadn't really done any research, I regard it as satisfactory. Since then, I've read 4 or 5 books, looked at countless Encaustic artists' sites, and know a lot more than I did.

I'd prepared 10 12x12cm 10mm MDF blocks for encaustic, and coated them with a white acrylic housepaint. I now have to sand this off, as the wax will not adhere properly to the acrylic (coz it's plastic!) I'm not ready to go out and buy special encaustic 'gesso' yet.

In the pile of unburied treasure are some oil paints (Reeves, but they'll do) and Markel Oil Paint stiks, so I have at least some coloured pigment. I've decided to stay well away from powered pigment because of the dangers of breathing it in.

top on the experiment list is wet shellac burns. Dry shellac flakes in a carrying medium (such as pigment), and wet shellac 'paint' will both burn when you set fire to them!!! Pretty pretty shiny shiny. Hardware store here I come. Also in the buried loot is a piece of mica, which I will flake and crush up some of it.

Studio reorganising - the huge pile of stuff has been removed from the centre of the room, and is slowly being spread around the edges, as it finds new homes. My big table has gone into the corner, with the bookshelf on top, the little 'computer desk' has moved in beside it. Stacker in the corner where the scotch chest and tv used to be - I don't need a TV! I'll be too busy to watch it. And if I need entertainment, I have a radio, and will bring in my laptop, which has both music and inspirational pictures.

The view of the opposite wall shows the new table/shelf David made me last night. My harp has a safer place to hide, till I can tidy it up and put it on Trademe. One day I will finish the mermaid and her dolphin - it's only been up there about 3 years. There are various other fabric pieces on the wall in varying stages of completion.

It's so fantastic to have light in here again - I've got a lot done on Sunday, and over the last two evenings. Taking a break tomorrow evening for JaM, back to it Thursday evening.

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