Monday, 23 December 2013

I’m on holiday. What’s a holiday, I ask.

Well, I answer, it’s when you don’t go to work, and, just for a change, you don’t stay at home, either.

You go away to someplace else. And, of course, you take your toys with you.
Oh, and of course, you take the dogs with you. And husband. And child. Who bring their own toys.

Today, I finished constructing the weaving loom I’ve been making for the last few weeks. It’s based on an Ashford Table loom. I found detailed plans on line, and rather than buy one (about $250), I thought I’d make one. Of course, in the long run, it’s not much cheaper. But for FIXSUE, it’s so much more fun-er-er! It’s probably cost close to $120, but I’ve had hours of entertainment. It needs a bit more tidying up, but it’s now functional.

This evening I finally got to warp it up (the long-ways threads). I discovered that one I put some tension on it, the strings that I’d put the warp-bars on pulled thru their holes. Hurrumph – plan 75B (there have been a number of cunning plans making this thing, lol).

There’s a dreadfully complicated mathematical equation (well, it seems such to me!). What I WANTED to make were some bookmarks. Bookmarks that were meant to be 5cm wide and 20cm long. Well, they’re 11cm wide. I’m not really sure why, but I think it has to do with the width of the gaps in the heddle (the bit the threads go thru).

So, maybe they won’t be bookmarks. Maybe they’ll be ... something else.

Here’s some pretty pictures:

We're 'holidaying' at a friends house. So, we’ve been down here at Maraetai (well, it’s downhill from where we live!) since about 2.00pm. Our dogs have taken themselves for 3 walks. We THINK we’ve plugged the gaps. Unfortunately they don’t have much respect for fences that are only a couple of feet high, when there’s children laughing and screaming somewhere over the valley. Sigh.

This evening, we took all three dogs (we’re dog-sitting with Bailey, a large golden retriever) for a walk down near the beach. Of course everyone had a quick swim. Soggy doggies.

Projects this weekend – besides weaving, include doing some encaustic painting, and working on my CV. David has applied for a job in Canberra, digitising film and videotape. So far, he’s had an I/V with the recruitment agent, a phone I/V with the prospective boss, and he’s expected to fly to Canberra for a face-to-face and check out the job at the end of January.

We can see potential for me getting a job with them too, as a lot of the work involves taking old cassette tapes and machines apart and putting them back together – which is definitely something I’m good at doing. So I need to tart up my CV, as it’s been nearly 7 years!

We can’t make the TV here work, so I suspect there’ll be more blogging tomorrow.

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