Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

So, when is the last time we woke up at nearly midday?

The fact that it was suddenly midnight when we went to bed is irrelevant, lol.

There is only 1 clock in this house - on the stove, in the kitchen.

Bacon and eggs for brunch. Dogs fed. Lovely overcast day.

Must be on holiday!

Oh, that's right ... "Bailey sleeps out in the hall" ... Bailey much prefers to sleep IN the bedroom, beside me - competing with Tara, as she thinks that's HER space.

David comfortably ensconced on the couch, Tara on the couch, Kama on the floor, Bailey with his butt to us. Brunch dishes cleaned by dogs, waiting to go in the dishwasher.

Took a drive over to Beachlands to buy some rubbishbags, then up the road about 5km to get some fresh fruit and veges – strawberries and blueberries – nom!

Then home for a nap. The headache I’d gone to bed with, woken up with, and had stayed with me finally went away with the help of some maxigesic. All three dogs curled up with me.

There's quite a nice view over the gully to the other side:

Weaving – well, its plan 76. Despite all the fancy calculations, that worked out the sett (how wide it would be), the piece I wove was 11cm wide instead of 5cm. Far too wide for a bookmark. It looks quite cool, but not what I want.

I’ve cut off 6 cream warp threads, and 12 ‘spice’ warp threads, leaving 6 cream warps. The warp is 2.00m long, so I’ll make a few bookmarks with that. I’ve wrapped the cut warps around the back loom bar, and will work on them later.

Found the book on Inkle weaving I'd purchased a few weeks ago - it was still in my Downloads folder. 

After dinner (slow roasted beef, yorkshire pudding, kumara, spuds n salad), we took the dogs for a walk along the beach, this time heading south. They all went paddling, and of course Tara had to go in very deep. It was great watching Tara and Kama playing and enjoying themselves.

Mr B’s external hard drive has thrown a tanty and he can’t access data that he wants. He’s very frustrated. I’d bumped the damn thing earlier – hope it wasn’t my fault.

Done a wee bit of work on my CV – bah humbug. My ‘relevant’ job experience is pre-1996 – a lifetime ago.

Feeling like I/we are in limbo. 

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