Saturday, 28 December 2013

Not a lot to write home about today.

Great BBQ at James & Rebecca's place last night. Shame it ended with one of their kids going off to Emergency with a puncture wound from a nail. Rebecca seemed quite blase about it - I guess with 3 boys, stuff like that is common.

Went out for a bit this morning, got a couple of pairs of sandals from #1 Shoes - a replacement black pair for Becca, and pink ones for me - my jandals make my feet hurt. All the junk shops were closed, so I couldn't check out the pressure cooker Julia said she saw at ... Salvation Army?

Made two plastic shuttles from my $3.00 plastic chopping board, and a new wire heddle. That was quite satisfying. As you can see, functional, but not classy. I have two more like the wooden one with red yarn on order from Wheels & Whorls, plus a hooky thing. And of course I left my new crochet hook at home. Sigh.

I spent the afternoon trying to untangle the knot of white yarn I want to use to warp the loom for Inkle bookmarks. There's still 1 small knot left ... grr. But I've had enough for one day.

Just got back from taking the dogs for a walk along the beach path - everyone had a paddle, of course, and Kama found himself a fish skeleton - at first we thought it was a stick, but he never carries sticks!

About to sit down and hopefully watch an episode of Bones from "Watch Online Series" dot com. Once it finishes loading. Plan B is read a book ...

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