Friday, 6 January 2012

30 Day challenge - Day 3

Sunset and Moonrise
Taken at 2115 at night. 21C- 68% Humidity. Warm, no wind, a beautiful end to a beautiful day. The moon was covered by a soft haze of clouds - bad weather is coming, just in time for the weekend. Taken the dogs for a walk, and they've all collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. A steady day at work (16 units Wed/Thur, 17 today) so I've spent quality time researching art projects. Raw Art Journaling and Bookmaking/binding - two things that seem to go naturally together. I have a 'vision plan' underway, and a 'to do' list.

Back to it.

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Caroline said...

Love the colour of the sky in both photos... great contrast too.