Saturday, 7 January 2012

Colour Palettes

This is Lesson 4 from Texture Town. Creating 3 colour palettes from a limited colour range.

The first is the 3 5x5" panels together:

This is the red-gold colourway: (happy happy)

The blue-gray colourway::(

The brown-gray colourway::happy happy:

The palette is limited to the following colours, (Golden Fluid Acrylics) + Acrylic Glazing Liquid (AGL):
Titanium White
Titan Buff
Payne's Gray
Yellow Oxide
Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
Transparent Red Iron Oxide
Van Dyke Brown

The panels were first covered in joint compound and textured, then a piece of sheet music (Mendelssohn's Elijah), then in Heavy Gel Matte. Once it was dry, it was painted.

I really like the brown and red colourways, but the blue just isn't working for me - suggestions?

I enjoyed the high/lowlighting part of the process best. I'm going to repeat the exercise again, but with different imagery.

Not sure if I'll get any more painting done today - we'll see.

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Caroline said...

I like the blue one best - so I guess its more colour preference than a problem with the panel!