Monday, 23 January 2012

It's a bright and beautiful Monday morning. I've got buzzy brain, so I've been busy this morning tidying my workshop, labelling stuff, and generally making things neat - it's a bit of a worry, lol.

It was a busy weekend for us - 3 dogs and 2 cats to the vet for checkup/booster shots on Saturday morning (cats are overweight and need their teeth cleaned). At least everybody is now up to date.

I've ordered a piece of aluminium sheet for encaustic mono-printing, and was supposed to pay for it saturday am, but ran out of time, so paid for it this morning - something new to play with! It's 12x12/300x300, and 3mm thick. Should have it maybe by next weekend, depending when Ulrich's Mt Wellington truck makes it to Henderson.

Took son and daughter shopping on Saturday afternoon for shorts and t-shirts. DH had to take son back as the shop assistant hadn't taken the security tag out of his new pants, and the woman on the door didn't check them properly either, even when he triggered the alarm. sigh.

I spent the afternoon painting. Yes, really - painting! Then watched a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds with darling daughter, so it ended up a much later night than intended.

Sunday morning was up and out early - doing audio/visual for church. Once everything was set up, DD took over the worship powerpoint, so I got to just sing. There was a great lesson from Aaron. Must edit and post that tonight.

Went to a friends for late lunch, finally leaving at about 1600; then did grocery shopping, had scrambled eggs for a late supper, then more painting while the kids watched Madagascar; Escape from Africa and then Lion King. Nothing quite like being driven into my studio.

Bill (my father) got a clean bill-of-health from the specialist on Thursday, then from the physio on Friday, and left Friday afternoon. Just like that. Gave him a kiss goodbye on Friday morning, before I left for work - "What's that for?" he asks. "Um, I'm going to work and won't be here to say goodbye this afternoon." says I. "Oh, ok". sigh. He's left stuff behind, of course - pillows, his meusli, walking cane, lamp. David will drop that off this afternoon on the way home.

Becca has the Brown girls and little Zac for company today - suggested they do some baking, and maybe painting and papercraft. Bet they DONT!

Photo's to follow.

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Caroline said...

Hope you have fun with the aluminium!