Thursday, 5 January 2012

Welcoming 2012

Judy Shreve, on her Mountain House Studios website asks a number of interesting questions, which I’ve tried to answer:

Journals: I’ve always used spiral bound commercial ones, that have rarely got pictures in them, because it's the words that have needed to get out, with my left brain in control; "you can't paint, draw, sketch, you're useless, etc" Lying flat, and even bendable backwards (to take up less space) is important. The paper hasn't been important up till now. (LB: why waste money on fancy paper when it's just for writing on! - LB also doesn't like me using my fabric stash, because I might mess it up)

This will change, as one of the things I’d wanted to do last year was book binding, after a trip to Paihia and Pompallier House. I now have more info from Judy Shreve, Judy Wise, and a course on ARTists of the Round Table which is free. Making my own will give me added impetus to use them, I hope.

Being Organised/Stressed/Projects: Yep, I need to be organised - or at least know what I have/don't have, so I don't buy anything I don't need. My problem is I don't write down what I want to do, and 'lose track' of it. Or if I do write it down, I don't understand what I was thinking. I don't work well stressed/under pressure any more. I've just had 9 days off, and it took at least 6 of those to wind down enough to start doing 'stuff'. The whole ‘getting older’ thing has messed with my brain, so I have a greater need to take things slower, with less pressure. While Right Brain still wants to do stuff, Left Brain wants to be told How and What to do.

No, I don't think there's a 12-step programme to cure computer addiction. For me, the interwebz is my connection to the world and people I *want* to talk to. My art and gaming friends are scattered round the globe. Hand-writing is NOT my friend - OOS/RSI in both hands. (Caused by computers)

OnLine-Virtual/Actual Classes: Oh, I would so LOVE to be able to go to REAL art classes on subjects I'm interested in. Which would work if I was interested in 'ordinary' stuff, but I'm not. So - Online ROCKS! Land of Lost Luggage classes are great, Judy Wise's classes have been fantastic, Linda Womack's was also good, but not long enough. Signed up to the A.R.T site - waiting for access, so I can look at the bookbinding.

Studio Mess: Definitely in the eyes of the beholder. Can you find stuff? If yes, then not a mess.

Stitching on Paper: Do you find the needle tends to cut the paper, reducing its structural integrity? Do you use a backing support? I would think embroidery, while beautiful, would cause big problems. Have you tried the multicoloured threads - can't think what they're called at the moment - some of them are truly lovely.

I've just drawn up a mind-web-thingy of what I want to achieve this year - and of what I'm already doing/about to do/want to do ... having regular B12 injections will help me have an active, happy mind, which is key to doing anything. Last year I did 2 part-time papers at College, and got an A- for both. This time, I want A's or A+'s. And most especially, I want to make art, and keep my right brain happy!


Caroline said...

If you make your own journals you could put in lined paper for the LB and lovely thick watercolour paper for the RB... just an idea... amuses both sides of my brain... :)

I keep lots of different styles of journals - an on-computer one of what's happened with lots of photos... a dream one in which I write whatever I recall of my dreams as soon as I wake up... that's plain paper in case I want to sketch something... and right now I'm attempting to get myself to start a Lab notebook to record encaustic work and an ideas Deposit Account for art ideas and also to put copies of things I've done to help me spark off them too...

Judy Shreve said...

Hi Sue - just found your blog. I don't know why it took me so long to find it!
Thanks for the click back to my post -- great answers! I think I asked so many, because my holidays were filled with family (which I enjoyed) -- but missed my art friends! and wanted to have a 'conversation.'
I'm looking forward to the online bookmaking class.