Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Linda’s Quest Test - Finding Balance

Nicked this from Linda Womack's blog, with alterations:

1. Does it feed my soul/creativity?
2. Does it further my creative learning?
3. Does it nurture and support me?
4. Does it improve my health and well being?
5. Is it good for my family?

Linda's criteria for 2 and 3 were: 2. Does it further my art career?
3. Does it pay me a living wage?

These aren't relevant for/to me, so I changed them.


Caroline said...

Great set of questions - I'd seen her list and thought it a good one, though not entirely relevant to me either... I like

Does it further my creative learning?

a lot!

Caroline said...

Do you ever get amused by the word verifications words... the one before me now is:



Sue Cottle said...

Winglywa? Sounds like an aboriginal name for something deadly!

Or I can imagine a little Chinese lady, saying, "Winglywa? Winglywa?" and expecting an answer.