Sunday, 8 January 2012

Colour Palettes in Encaustic

Yay - I got a chance to play with hot wax this afternoon after church. I've repeated the colour palette exercise in encaustic, again with a limited palette:

Red oxide powder
Yellow Oxide powder
Payne's grey oil paint
Ochre yellow encaustic (from oil paint)
white encaustic (from oil paint)
Dark brown (from beeswax crayon)

In some ways it's harder to achieve the same colours, but because you can scrape layers off, I just love the texture achieved in the second half of the process. All the ridges in the joint compound have been exposed, scraped back to the white.

The brown colourway is on a board that had the acrylic matte gel on it (the missing one, that had briefly been kidnapped!) The encaustic has NOT taken to it well, it is highly reflective, and my least favourite.

The three 5x5" panels of MDF:

Red-gold colourway:

Brown colourway:

Blue colourway - my favourite:

The blue board for the acrylic exercise has had a new image and a thick coating of acrylic matt gel put on it - waiting for it to dry.

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