Saturday, 7 January 2012

Weird Stuff in Weird places

A glass, beside the cask of wine, all ready for tonight.

A squashed milkbottle, on top of a glass vase, on the stovetop.

Why, I ask? Bill, I answer. This is a sufficient answer in and of itself.

The 'quick trip' to the bank and supermarket grew to a major expedition this morning, when Bill decided to come too. In the torrential rain. Cancelled the bank. He got his own trolley - 'Don't want to walk around the whole supermarket', he grumbled. Ok. Again, over $300. Having 2 extra people in the house, who use condiments like they're ... water? ... is certainly adding to the bill.

Never mind.

I have painted. Haven't encaustikated, because one of my panels has gone walkies. Rats.

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