Saturday, 14 January 2012

Plaster Studio Workshop starts

The due date for the first piece is tomorrow - lol. I've used cheesecloth and joint compound, cracked it while still probably damp (we've had 83% humidity), and covered it in first Red Black and then black acrylic washes. Then it was scrubbed with a green scrubby, both when damp and dry, and then cut in half and glued with PVA over a couple of used canvases. Tomorrow, I'm going to make another plaster sheet, using some PVA, and then putting it on a sheet of scrapbooking paper, to be used for ATC's. Hopefully I'll also find time to paint the plaster canvases I've just done, and do some work on the acrylic piece.

Kathleen Conard, who was co-ordinating the workshop, has pulled back, with other things taking priority.

I'm shortly starting a bookmaking workshop, plus I've decided to do the Raw Art Journalling workshop, as I want to learn to journal artfully, and it makes sense to make my own journals. The course is an older one, but the book is coming, I have the worksheets, and I've been looking thru the albums.

I've decided I absolutely love plaster (well, joint compound), and hate the acrylic gel used in the acrylic course.

Photo's later.


Caroline said...

Glad you've found another love!

And to me it sounds like a fine swap... plaster for acrylic gel... neither are edible... and both good for texture...

Judy Shreve said...

Are you taking the Raw Art Journaling workshop through Artists of the Roundtable?
And I'd love to see photos of your plaster/acrylic work.
Isn't it funny - but I love working with acrylics and really love using the open ones.