Friday, 20 January 2012


Three day migraine. Damn, I hate migraines. I hate the way they wipe me out, the pain they cause, and how my brain is just totally fried. Anyway, yesterday was a less worse day, with just an ordinary headache - didn't have drugs till late afternoon. Today, no drugs.

It's been a lovely two days - working at a slow pace, not trying too hard. Not doing anything too strenuous - tho I must admit, picking an order this morning may have been a bit too much.

The 30 day photo/journal has crashed and burned. But I did take a really cool photo today:

Isn't it cute? Iiz iz watching you! I won't say exactly what it is, but ....

One of my new craft books arrived yesterday - Making Handmade Books 100+ Bindings by Alisa Golden for the bookmaking course I'm taking on line. Still waiting for the Raw Art Journaling book to arrive. Made 2 little books from copy paper.

Visited what turned out to be the biggest branch of Warehouse Stationary - ooooh - it was like Christmas - but better. Got some lovely stamps (long stemmed plants, borders and an alphabet), a packet of really cool 'vintage' papers (spent too much on that), glue stick and, best of all, a 'bone' folder - actually made of plastic. The tip of the folder has gone flat tho - I don't think the plastic is strong enough.

Nearly hometime. Go home, make some ATC's for a swap, do some acrylic on gel medium painting (it's an ugly dark brown thing at the moment). Maybe do something on my cracked plaster (must take a photo and post it).

It's wonderful having buzzy brain cells again.


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Caroline said...

Migraines are nasty beasts... hope you find out whatever it is that causes them and can then avoid it... not always possible I know... Jim gets migraines that seem to be connected to sunspot activity!

Hope you had fun playing... I've tried ATCs and just found them far too small for comfort... always amazed at the wonderful things other people manage to do in the space!